I’m Singing In The Rain


If you have never walked in the rain before, you should try it someday – it is comforting and calming – as if Mother Nature is cleansing away your worries for the day

As we move further and faster into the digital age, many start to recognise and crave the need to stay connected to our past, our younger carefree days and to nature. Right now, perhaps one of the most ideal spaces in your home to slow down and really relish in the moment is the bathroom. Call it time out or time alone, reflect or wander, the choice is yours.

The idea of an outdoor bathroom may sound like a daydream to many. To be outside and feel the grass or sand between your toes. To take in the fresh, cool breeze and just relax. The outdoor bathroom is definitely a great way to reconnect with nature but in a city where space and privacy is rare, it poses to be a delicate situation. However, there are many design details that you can look into to carve out your own outdoor bathroom, indoors.

First up, bring in lots of natural light. Free up one section of the wall and replace it with tall windows. Remember to fill the view outside with lots of greeneries to keep prying eyes away. Most importantly, you get to enjoy lush, green foliage in the shower. If possible, look at the option of installing a skylight, right over your shower area. Nothing beats showering under the stars.

Lights aside, try incorporating greeneries and blooms. Even a single potted plant can make a difference. Also if you are remodelling, go for colours and materials that remind you of the outdoors. Think soft pastel hues of blues and greens. How about stone flooring to impart a sense of coolness or go warm with rich woods? Don’t forget about the furniture and accessories too. Every element has a role.

Of course one of the major players in the bathroom is the shower itself. Looks aside, let us look into function. Don’t let low water pressure or poor-performing shower heads frustrate your quest for peace. In our opinion, we believe that rain shower heads are the best solution to those who are looking for a short respite.

Here we look at a range of fascinating rain shower heads that will delight your senses.


Rainshower® F-Series Multi Spray 15”

Create your own spa zone in the bathroom with this new metal head and ceiling shower. It features three different spray patterns to gently revitalise your spirit. There is the classic 300mm wide Rain Spray, the stress-reducing massage using four integrated GROHE Bokoma Sprays™ and the double refreshing XL Waterfall spray. This Rainshower can be easily combined with other products from the GROHE F-Series.

GROHE F-digital Deluxe

The ultimate idea in the outdoor shower concept (and more) has to be this grand design from GROHE. Going beyond the normal functions of cleansing, GROHE F-digital Deluxe is all about delivering a unique sensory experience. Think atmospheric lighting, gentle steam and relaxing music. All of which will be a definite plus on your physical and emotional well-being. The light, steam and sound modules can easily transport you to a tropical island getaway; just imagine showering under the waterfalls surrounded by lush greeneries. All this can be easily achieved with the touch of a button.

Apart from audiotherapy, this shower concept also gives you your own personal chromotherapy experience with help from the Apple iPod touch 4G. You can select your desired playlist and the colour of your choice. According to GROHE, stimulating yellow is a good way to start the day or go for spring green for that sense of renewal and balance after a long day out.

This well-integrated system allows you to create your own personalised combination of GROHE products from the light modules to the shower heads and steam nozzles. For a 3D showering sensation, pair up the ultra-luxurious Rainshower® F-Series Multi Spray 15”with six side showers. You can also tailor your shower according to the space you have at home, be it a small individual shower cabin to a larger wellness zone. So transform your bathroom now with the F-digital Deluxe, a super slim and intuitive ambient controller, which orchestrates all the products to work together and sing to your senses.

Hansgrohe Raindance Rainmaker

This super large overhead shower allows one or even two to have an enjoyable outdoor showering experience. It is almost like standing in the warm rain under open skies. The Rainmaker cleanses the mind, body and soul with soft water droplets that feels absolutely natural. It is truly a dreamy experience. In a huge rectangular shape, it comes with a diameter of approximately 240mm – the broad-spreading shower spray will completely envelope you. There is even space for you to move freely beneath it without coming into contact with the cold outside air. On top of that, three downward-projecting conical whirl jets can be added to the stream if required, for an additional powerful and relaxing massage effect. Unique, this multifunctional overhead shower system employs the innovative AirPower technology, which draws in air to produce a voluminous velvety-soft rain instead of needle-like jets experienced in conventional showers.

Axor ShowerCollection with Philippe Starck

For the haute couture of showers, then it has to be this collection that is built on a sophisticated modular principle. In this collection, Axor and Philippe Starck address a central part of personal wellbeing, the shower. With this modular collection, Philippe shows that he is a product designer and an interior decorator all in one. The Axor Starck ShowerCollection is perfect in form and allows freedom of expression and complete design flexibility.

From thermostat to an overhead shower, the point here is that you can customise your own Zen zone. A must-have is the minimalist but very divine ShowerHeaven. Totally luxurious, the clear geometrical shape in polished stainless steel makes the ShowerHeaven a magnificent architectural design element. It comes in two different sizes with an optional light offer to fashion the ideal environment during your shower. There are three different types of jet for a true dancing in the rain experience – the Bodyzone, the Rainzone with AirPower function and the powerful Laminar spray – all of which can be used individually or in combination for your own rain shower needs.

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This line is the perfect blend of classical curves fused with a modern design aesthetics. It definitely fits a vintage theme bathroom and makes a nice twist for a modern outdoor bathroom style. It is available in chrome-plated brass with an anti-lime, rain shower rose head.

Axor Citterio

A combination of functionality and aesthetics, the Axor Citterio overhead shower is robust and noble in design and it is packed with a powerful and revitalising spray quality. Building on a spatial concept, architect and designer, Antonio Citterio, created this collection for Hansgrohe by turning the regular bathroom into a source of regeneration, a needs-oriented zone that employs elements including high-quality materials, comfortable furniture and accessories, to form a harmonious bathroom environment.

Contemporary, timeless and luxurious, the small unobtrusive shower head comes with a lateral adjustment handle to easily choose the different types of jets you need. Aesthetically pleasing, the design is deliberately technical to emphasise the power of this shower machine.

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Kohler Katalyst Air Showerhead

The right overhead showerheads can simulate the perfect experience of natural rain fall. This offering from Kohler, Katalyst, focuses on large, heavy water droplets that are guided by the pull of gravity and not the push of water pressure. As such, this showerhead mimics the rain to give you a real intense hydrotherapy touch. The super slim designs make it easy to coordinate in the shower space and currently, it is available as 12- and 14- inch sizes. It is constructed from solid brass and features the Katalyst Air technology with an air-induction innovation. This lets the showerhead generate large water droplets without using more water than a standard showerhead as it maximises the air and water mix for a powerful and even flow. It has also been engineered to be a quiet and soothing shower with a superior, voluptuous spray that clings to the body with larger, fuller water drops. All these translate to a very satisfying shower.


Knowing the correct shower gadgets will turn your showering experience into a fun and relaxing time. Let’s celebrate life and make it rain indoors…….