Kitchen Action


A working kitchen is simply not one without the essential sink and faucet

Shopping for the right sink and faucets today can be daunting with the huge variety of style, function and finishing available. First of all, start by looking at your kitchen design to ensure that your selection will complete the look. Match your sink and faucet style to that of your kitchen cabinetry so it does not stick out like a sore thumb. Next, set your budget before hitting the stores.

The Sink

Be it prepping or cleaning up after, an appropriate sink is a must. Size is important; pick one that will fulfil your need. Can it fit your wok? Optimising the space available is always the better choice if you’re a keen cook, an apron-style sink is a beautiful option. As for material, stainless steel is often the choice because it is durable and looks really good. You can also make the sink the focal point of your kitchen, so in this instance, other materials such as solid surface, concrete or copper could help amp up the style factor.

Another consideration point is a top- or undermount sink. A top-mounted sink is installed on top of the countertop, fitted into a pre-cut hole, where a part of the sink (the lip) is visible on the countertop. As for an undermount sink, it is mounted below the countertop, so the countertop seems to flow seamlessly into the sink. However, an under mount sink is only suitable for countertops made of stronger materials such as solid surfaces or granite to be able to hold the weight of the sink. It needs to be accurately fitted and installed, thus costing more than a top mount sink. Consider your kitchen layout too when you’re shopping for a sink (or two). If it’s to be on an island as an additional sink, a single basin unit would suffice for minor clean-up jobs.

Shopping tip!

Bring along your largest cooking pot when you’re sourcing for the right sink. This makes sure that the chosen sink will be large enough for your cookware.


The perfect blend of form and functionality, the Top-Mount Self-Trimming Apron-Front Sink from the Vault collection is great for those looking to work with existing cabinetry and countertops. The sink has an ample 9-inch-deep basin with an ultra-thin rim that is only 1.25mm. This makes it easy to swept debris into the sink (even if this is a topmount design). It utilises the Silent Shield™ technology to reduce noise and vibration when washing up.

Reginox Nevada

A red dot award winner this year, the Nevada 18-30 is a double bowl unit from Reginox with a draining board. Designed with smooth 10mm radius corners, waste don’t get stuck in corners, making clean-up easier. In addition, the square basket strainer and recessed edge for accessories are beautifully thought-out details. Plus its deep rinsing bowl provides ample space for washing up large pot, cutting boards and woks.

Rubine Zex Series

This polished, one-piece moulded kitchen sink series is all about quality, style and functionality. In stainless steel, the sinks are highly durable, featuring anti-frost coating and anti-noise padding. There are various models available from single to double basins.                                  


Chic, this one and a half bowl inset sink with drainer, can easily fit into cabinet frames that are at least 60cm wide. When you are in need of additional space, you can pair it with the BOHOLMEN colander and chopping board, both of which have been designed to rest on the edges of this stainless steel sink.

The Faucet

Factor in functionality when you want to tap into the perfect faucet. The kitchen tap is the hardest working piece of equipment in the home, so invest in one that is built to last or at least one that comes with a healthy warranty.

Would you need an extendable spout? The people at Hansgrohe pointed out that a kitchen mixer with an extendable spout, is often favoured. Also, most folks tend to use the kitchen mixer for other purposes too, so this is where an all-round swivel spout comes in handy if you intend to fill large vases, big bowls or pots.

Looking at a faucet, you should consider the handle too. Does it operate smoothly? Now, technology has made it even better. The Grohe MintaTouch turns on water by just tapping your wrist or forearm on the faucet body or spout.

Material and finish is also important, be it stainless steel or chrome, pick one that will be easier to care for and maintain if you have a hectic schedule.

Grohe MintaTouch

Convenience is key here with this touch-sensitive faucet. Exceptionally hygienic, it operates with just a tap on the faucet’s body. It comes in an elegant C-shaped spout with extensible spray or the stylish L-shaped spout with extensible mousseur (aerator).

Grohe MintaTouch

Convenience is key here with this touch-sensitive faucet. Exceptionally hygienic, it operates with just a tap on the faucet’s body. It comes in an elegant C-shaped spout with extensible spray or the stylish L-shaped spout with extensible mousseur (aerator).


In chrome-plated brass, this kitchen mixer tap from IKEA is ideal for a traditional kitchen design with its old-world charm.

Reginox Belaya

A trendy kitchen mixer that can be paired with all types of basin, the Belaya is available with a pull-out spray, which can be extended up to one meter. It is has also been tested by Singapore’s national water agency, PUB, to be water efficient, consuming 5.3L/minute.


Intriguing and exceptionally contemporary, Karbon is quite the work-of-art befitting any modern kitchen. Inspired by lighting and construction equipment, what’s best about the Karbon faucet is that it will maintain the exact position where you place it, keeping your hands free for cleaning up the mess. The faucet offers both spray and aerated water flow options and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Rubine RT-POS-100CR
Exuding a very professional vibe is the RT-POS-100CR. This pillar sink mixer is not just all about the drama with its curved form. It has a 360° swivel spout with a pull-out spray and in robust brass with chrome finishing, it is resistant to scratch and tarnish.