Renewed Life, Loft Styled in an old Bangsar Apartment


Creating a home in the style of a Loft was the only thing on the mind of this city dweller.

Having travelled and lived in many places around the world, and appreciating the open styled living of a Loft, he set out on a journey in getting one done back in Malaysia.

There are just 3 main things involved in creating a Loft. First, locate an area that will offer many amenities of city dwelling but yet set in a suburban area. Second, identify the building to live in. and third, engaged an ID company that is capable in delivering the concept and design.

The Ideal location selected was Bangsar. After all, Bangsar is located just 20 minutes away from the heart of the city. A very well matured community, comprising of thriving F&B outlets, small businesses, and an affluent residential area. In western countries, a loft is usually a home that was converted from a factory or a warehouse. Back here, no such luck on these choices so the next best thing was the first apartment to be built in Bangsar. It looks very old and in dire needs of a massive make over to give new life to the once sought after residence. Mil Designs knew from the very start of this project that the owner has in mind his ideal living style and would have lots of input to the design. So they up their ante in proposing their own ideas that was incorporated into the loft.

The original space was so dated and usable in today's living styles
The master bedroom was in its original state which mave have worked back in the 70's

A reborn Loft comes to life.

A real blast from the past how a 70's bathroom used to look like before transformation

A thorough strip down of the entire apartment was done to expose the bare bricks and concrete beams. To their surprise, they discovered old news papers from the 70’s being used as lining for formworks in the beams. Both owner and designer decided to leave it there to add character to the home. A clean open space was created with the clever use of wood, solid colours and bare uncladded brickworks. Each living space was cleverly demarcated by the use of materials, open shelving’s and posters being left on the floors instead of being hung. The bedroom is just a continuous open concept with a bold blue wall at the head of the bed. The bathroom is a contracting darker shade showing off the rough slated tiles and the shinny tap and shower fittings.

Updated wall tiles and sanitary wares makes the bathroom cozy and calming

The end result is modern loft that has a lot more life to offer for many years to come.

Design and Built – Mil Design & Construction Sdn Bhd

Award Winner 2017-2018 for Refurbishment Apartment from the Asia Pacific Property Awards