About Us

Here is a community for people with the same interest to attain a greater Living experience in their homes.

Living is a very big term and when we take a closer look at it, we will find that it revolves around what we like, what we prefer, where we live, how we live, the clothes that we wear, our hobbies, and the list goes on. In short, it is our lifestyle. Many of us gets confuse when we look at certain brands who tries to dictate how we should live by showing us their adverts. But here, we will help you identify your own living styles through Designs.

A sharing of Ideas that can be done for the home. Tips and guides on how to. Brand stories, Personalities and how they live. Ideas for entertaining, recipes, product hunts, creative use of furniture’s and more.

There are also 2 other interesting sections. Garage and Bargains. Garage is where you could sell off your perused products to make way for new desires. And Bargains is where you could find limited offers or end of season items at great values. There is also a community of retailers and service providers ready to help with customising your design needs.